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Wichita has become a BOOM TOWN thanks to the Jimmy Jib. This unique piece of production equipment enables a camera to go places and achieve shots that are impossible with a typical camera/tripod setup. Float a camera inches above the ground, then swing up to 25 feet while being able to pan, zoom and tilt, plus follow the action, all remote controlled by one person. Set up in less than an hour, and you’ve got a rolling production, getting dramatic boom shots, extreme low angle shots, over-the-top views, even cut-aways.

The Jimmy Jib allows immediate and various camera position changes in seconds without time consuming camera set-ups. Create a steadicam look, or put it on a dolly track. The flexibility of the Jimmy Jib gives your video the “Big Time” look and feel. The Jimmy Jib is available to the production community, and easily fits a wide range of budgets.

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